Handwritten Mail Just Like Real Handwriting!

Handwritten MailOur Genuinely Penned process is completely unique to DNR Group. The process utilizes a machine that writes with a real ballpoint pen, using hand-like motions. The end result is a mail piece with pen indentions, breaks in the flow of the writing, and differences in ink densities – just like real handwriting!

You may choose a font from our existing library – or we can create a personalized font using your handwriting. We can even recreate your exact signature for additional authenticity.

When you see and FEEL our “GP” product, you’ll think you’re looking at and touching REAL handwriting . . . and you’ll find that our “GP” font technology is superior to any of the look-alike products such as Real Pen and Auto Pen Mechanisms.
Request a sample today!

Request a sample today!

  • Lower Cost 25 to 50 percent less than real handwriting.
  • Postal Discounts Eligible for standard and Nonprofit postal rates.
  • Increased ROI Results are double or triple that of conventional mail.
  • Custom Fonts We can replicate your very own handwriting and signature.
  • Speed and Accuracy 24 hour turn and machine insertion.
  • Dig Deeper Cost-effective method to reach prospects, or lapsed and low-level donors.